Shio-no-i (sea water well)

A pond on your right (facing the shrine). Susano-o said to have purified this land with this sea water. It is connected underground to the Japan Sea, and sea water foam appears in the pond at high tide. According to laboratory test result, the water is Glauber's salt water, weak alkali.

  • taken orally it is said to be beneficial for chronic digestive organ disease, pharyngitis, bronchitis, metabolism, diabetes, arthritis
  • bathing in it is said to be beneficial for chronic rheumatism, paralysis (waist down, polio), arthritis, chronic generative disease, bladder disease, anaemia, gland disease, poor infant health.  It is not suitable for over-excitable people.
  • Mainly for bathing purposes - it is not recommended that the water be taken internally.