Main hall (Shimane Prefecture's cultural treasure)

Taisha-zukuri (Grand Shrine architectural style), approx. 4m2, 12m high.

Taisha-zukuri has 5 main posts; 1 on each corner of the rectangle and 1 in the middle. There are 4 smaller posts between the main posts on the sides of the square. There is a closed wall between the main pillar in the centre and the mid pillar on the right.  The area beyond this wall is called Kamiza, Kami's room.  In front of the wall is the entrance, and there is a staircase on the right hand side of the pavilion.   This is unique to Taisha-zukuri, and you cannot see it at any other shrine buildings or temples.  This is an early architectural form which does not separate the shrine from living quarters.

The roofed staircase is known as 'Kirizuma Tochibuki', and the entrance and exit are at the edge of the roof.  The building is in the same style as Izumo Taisha (Izumo Taisha Ground Shrine), one of Shimane Prefecture's listed cultural treasures.
(Listed since 31st May 1966)