Ohsugi-san (Giant cedar tree)

There is a sky scraping old cedar tree at the back of the main pavilion.  Approximately 7 metres in circumference and over 30 metres high, the tree has witnessed events taking place for over 1000 years of history.
Susa Jinja was originally located on the bottom of the Miyano-o mountain, at the south east of Miyauchi (the hamlet surrounding the shrine).  During the Tencho period (824 - 833) under 53rd Emperor Junna, Susa Jinja was said to be re-located to its current position, therefore the tree would be over 1300 years old.
No other cedar tree as tall as this has been found in this region, the Suga River right next to the shrine still flows as it did in ancient times.  The shrine dedicated to Susano-o's wife Princess Inada once existed in front of what is now the Yukari-kan hot spa hotel, but during the Tenmon period (1532 - 1555) it was amalgamated into the main shrine according to old records, in which it is also suggested that a sword is buried at this spot in front of Yukari-kan.